Dr. Dennis B. Evans, Jr.

Biography of Dr. Dennis B. Evans, Jr.
"A Man Of Wisdom"

Dr. Dennis B. Evans Jr. was raised and educated in Shreveport, Louisiana. He migrated to California in 1951 where he joined the United States Marine Corps. He later married Dr. Dorothy A. Evans and they raised their children in the Pasadena/Altadena area. He had a burning desire to start his own community-based business and to help others that were unemployed. Thus Evans Acoustics was started in 1965. The news of his quality services spread throughout the community, which enabled him to acquire more contracts. He subsequently was able to employ many people from the community. Dr. Evans retired in 1997. Even though he is retired from the business, he is still sought out by others for his expertise in this F that seek to start similar businesses.

Bishop Leon Bomar ordained Dr. Evans an elder at Holy Deliverance Pentecostal Church - Pasadena, Calif., under the pastorate of Elder Roger Decuir. He and his wife, Dr. Dorothy A. Evans founded Refuge Christian Center Community Church in January 1977. Dr. Dennis B. Evans, Jr. pastored Refuge Christian Center until 1991 at which time he was ordained a Bishop. His wife, Dr. Dorothy A. Evans was then installed as Pastor. He received his honorary doctorate degree from the University of Jerusalem in 1990. He has already begun coursework to obtain his masters degree in theology from the Southern California School of Ministry.

Bishop Dennis B. Evans, Jr. has walked with the Lord for a long time. Through his "ups and his downs" and his numerous trials and tribulations, he has learned to be an overcomer a master and a not victim. With his unwavering belief in God's Word, he professes that he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him. Whatever state he may be in, he always has HOPE in CHRIST.

Bishop Evans is well known throughout the community for his leadership, wisdom, and his fatherly advice. He is often sought out by young men and mature men as well for spiritual advice and direction. He and his wife, Dr. Dorothy Evans have received many accolades for their community involvement. They are involved in other ministries local and nationwide as well. Bishop Evans and Pastor Evans were installed as the Lay Directors of the National Fellowship of Deliverance Churches (F.O.D.C.). The headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

His vision for Refuge Christian Center Community Church is that it be an instrument through which Christ heals, delivers, nurtures and shapes peoples' lives. Bishop Evans endeavors to do all within his power to help people. He believes that we can weather any storm because our foundation is laid in the Word of God - rooted and grounded in the Word. Always caring for all that God has created children and their families.

Under his leadership, Refuge Christian Center Community Church's five-fold ministry has laid a solid foundation that is deep, broad, and strong and is ready to ascend to the level in which God wants to take the Church. Its urban ministry is truly a training model that other churches could fashion their ministries after. Refuge Christian Center Community Church is indeed positioning itself to "flow" into and meet the challenges of the new millennium.

As a part of the millennium preparation, God ordained and sealed the work that they were already doing in the vineyard. Dr. Dennis B. Evans, Jr. and his wife, Dr. Dorothy A. Evans were confirmed as Apostles on October 22, 2000.



Dr. Dorothy A. Evans


Dr. Dorothy A. Evans has been recognized throughout the country as God's Ambassador of Love. Dr. Evans is a "powerfully anointed" woman of God who impacts the lives of many lost souls. She is a native of Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Evans has Pastored Refuge Christian Center Community Church located in Altadena, CA since 1991.

Dr. Evans was ordained as a minister in September 1976. In January 1977, she and her husband, Bishop Dennis B. Evans Jr. founded Refuge Christian Center Community Church. She co-pastored alongside her husband until she was appointed as Pastor. A true mother in Zion, she is known by thousands across the nation as "Mother Evans" The Lord has truly endowed her with a supernatural gift of love. In 1987, she received a prophetic word from the Lord that she would be an ambassador of love and bring healing to His people through His love illuminating through her. This is indeed evidenced throughout her ministry.

In 1990, Pastor Evans received her Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Cornerstone University and Seminary located in Jerusalem, Israel. She received a master's Degree in theology, summa cum laude from the Southern California School of Ministry on March 23, 1999. Pastor Evans is a board member of the National Fellowship of Deliverance Churches with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. She holds the position of lay director on this board.


In November 1999, she received the distinguished Community Legend award in the area of religious leadership for her untiring work in the Pasadena and Altadena communities. She has received many accolades for her community involvement from the Pasadena Police Dept, the Diva Factory AREBA Productions and State Senator Adam Schiff. Dr. Evans played a pivotal role in the African American Vote 2000 and RCC was recognized as Church of the Year by the Altadena NAACP.


Many are blessed nationwide and abroad by Dr. Evans as she ministers in revivals, seminars, conferences, prison, drug rehabilitation centers and numerous community functions as the lord leads her. She has also been a guest on preacher on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). On may 10, 2003, she was chosen as Mother of the Year by the Pasadena Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority.

H.O.P.E. Now, Inc.


The acronym for H.O.P.E. Now, Inc. is Helping Others Pursue Excellence Now. This non- profit 501 (c)(3) organization was birthed out of the ministry of Refuge Christian Center located in Pasadena, California. Dr. Dorothy A. Evans is Senior Pastor and Dr. Dennis B. Evans, Jr. is the Bishop. H.O.P.E. Now, Inc. represents the vision and mission of Refuge Christian Center. The vision and the mission of Refuge Christian Center is to provide comprehensive social programs that would help the community sustain itself as well as engage other faith-based and community organizations and corporations with like missions to collaborate with us.

With the inception of H.O.P.E. Now, Inc, the ministry's vision is attainable. This faith - based organization will be funded in part by federal, state, county, corporations and private funding. The targeted population to service would be the indigent population of Northwest Altadena and Pasadena.

Our theory of change with the inception of H.O.P.E. Now, Inc. would effect positive changes in the lives of children and their families. This will be accomplished by addressing and servicing their social, educational, housing and community interaction needs by propelling them into self-sufficiency.

Out of H.O.P.E. Now, Inc. a Community Development Corporation (CDC) will be formed. The greater community and the local neighborhood will be involved in this process. This committee or task force will be charged with facilitating a survey of needs of the communities that we serve. Within this process goals and the needs of the communities will be defined; target areas will be established.

The CDC will be comprised of four sub-components. They are as follows:

Social Services


  • Transitional homeless shelter for women and children
  • Meal Preparation/Food Distribution
  • Support Group For Recovering Substance Abusers
  • Job Development and Referral
  • Entrepreneurial Program
  • Nutrition Education




  • Charter School
  • Computer Learning Center
  • After School Program
  • Academic Tutoring/Academic Literacy Challenge Program
  • Juvenile Diversion
  • Mentoring




  • Subsidized
  • Rehabilitation
  • Senior


Leadership Development

The sub-components of H.O.P.E. Now, Inc. will be developed and implemented in stages. With final implementation scheduled for FY 2007. We have developed and implemented some programs in the social services and education programs.

H.O.P.E. Now, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors. Their names are listed below:

1. Gloria Davis - President and CEO
2. Dr. Dorothy A. Evans
3. Dr. DiMarkco Chandler
4. Denise Ganaway
5. Norm Lewis, CPA
6. Dr. Glenda Lee
7. Cindy Evans
8. Dorothy Simpson
9. Pearline White
10. John Russell
11. Dr. Barbara Jenkins

For more information about H.O.P.E Now, Inc. or if you would like to make a donation to this organization, please contact us at 626.484.8461



Mother Evans School of Ministry - Southern California School of Ministry - Pasadena Campus
Projected start date – September 2005


Charter School


Will serve children grade Pre-k through 6th grade. Projected start date January 2006.


Tutorial Program


Serves children grades Kindergarten through High School at the La Pintoresca Library in Pasadena, CA. Every Tuesday from 5:30 pm –8:00 pm